Jenny Beacraft


A little about me

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and while I loved getting to check out the best in Jazz and Blues on any given Friday night, I was drawn explore other places and after a pit-stop in New York for a few years I moved on to Barcelona, Spain where I’ve been since 2007. I’ve since gotten my Spanish passport, learned both Catalan and Spanish, and continued to work as an actress through it all.

In Spain I’ve had the pleasure to work with many talented directors including Antonio Chavarrías, Cesc Gay and the late Bigas Luna. Classically trained at Carnegie Mellon University’s Theater Conservatory and later at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, I’ve played roles on stage from Shakespeare to Carol Churchill to new works by American and European playwrights. I’m a member of Teatre de l’Enjòlit whose long trajectory of over ten years can be seen at I was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the Premis de la Critica del Teatre for my work in Traduccions, produced by La Perla29.

In addition my work in theater and film, I work in voice over and have created the voices to many a silly alien and dozens of animated boys and girls as well as lent my voice to commercials and documentaries. My secret dream is to be a jazz singer and luckily enough, I’ve had the chance to sing in many of the roles I’ve had.

You can download my complete biography at this link.